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Coming Soon to Lake Shingaug

Newly painted! Fabulous contemporary classic lakefront destination home in sought after area offers magnificent vistas! Vacation 365 days a year on 80 feet of waterfront! Impressive home with breathtaking panoramic views on tree-lined drive boasts two fireplaces, granite kitchen with professional series appliances, double walk out entertainment sized deck & balcony to enjoy your morning coffee or evening sunsets. Hearthed gathering room & windows allow sun to fill this home. Lower level finished walkout to patio with gorgeous landscaped views of private 234 acre Lake Shinaguag is perfect for entertaining family & friends. 

9320 Hills Cove Goodrich Deck (1)
9320 Hills Cove Goodrich Exterior (2)

Level lot in area of gently, rolling natural beauty has room to host parties: fun & great fishing included! Come experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. Quaint Goodrich just minutes away with shopping, restaurants, and more! All information not guaranteed and should be independently verified by purchaser.

9320 Hills Cove Goodrich Lake View
9320 Hills Cove Goodrich Basement (3)
house for sale

Things to Consider Before Putting Your House For Sale

Every buyer’s choice might not match up with you, but some common things that a buyer may want must be well understood from your side. Yes, you nailed it; you don’t need to make any major change or any huge preparation to sell your home; rather some minor changes with the proper tricks can change the full structure of your home and therefore make your home eligible for a good sale. “First impression is the last impression”. So, without further delay, let’s now discuss some common tips that might be useful enough before putting up your house for sale.

  • Avoid personal items: To sell your home, remove your household personal items like old wall hangings, family photos and other personalized items. During a close inspection of the home, buyers are found to be prone to somehow place themselves in owner’s place. Your personalized items might not seem to them as sweet as they seem to you.
  • Outside of the home: if a negative tone settles deep down into the heart of the buyer’s heart seeing the outside of the home, this can influence their judgment regarding the inside of the house too, irrespective of how beautifully the latter is presented. So, take equal care of the roof, gutters, and downspouts too. Keep the outside lawn clean and neat too; these things can play a major role to sell your home.
  • Attract with neutral colors: It’s absolutely a mandatory step to keep in mind while choosing the color for your home. Suppose, you paint a deep green or a red, it may create an acute problem to sell your home as these bright colors will make space appear much congested and small. So try out with light colors like off white, white, skin which will make the impression of more free space.
  • Materials and finishes: the things that amply influence the verdict of the buyer regarding your home are Materials and finishes of the home. The more high-quality material you will be using in furnishing the home, the more elevated impression will be sketched in the buyer’s mind of your property. For example, to sell your home with the best deal,  you can take help of luxurious carpets, vinyl flooring, good quality tiles, plastic laminate counters in kitchens and bathrooms and so on.
  • Let light enter: All buyers crave for an airy and light house with well enough space and this is the lion’s share that you need to attract the buyers to sell your home. Don’t dim up your rooms with table lamps or ceiling lights. Instead, open up all the doors and windows, let the light enter the rooms thus making the rooms airy and pleasurable.
  • Avoid bulky furniture: Hope you are serious enough to sell your home? Then, of course, avoid the heavy furniture that might eat up space and make your rooms look much smaller. Oversized furniture makes the rooms much congested and due to congestion, it might not be the first choice of the buyer.
  • Check the ceiling: to sell your home to the best possible buyer, give him the impression that everything is just in its mint condition and a cracked ceiling can pour cold water in all of your efforts. So, make sure that the ceiling is well polished and take corrective measures like placing air purifier for mold.
  • Keep some nature’s gift inside: Put some well maintained potted plants or stunning pretty blooming flowers inside your home to fill up the space of some empty corners and make sure the plants are not at all drowsy. Beautiful aroma of the flowers and pretty decoration of the rooms will surely catch the eyes of the buyers and you are ready to sell your home.

When a buyer comes for a close inspection to buy a house, it’s the seller’s responsibility not to miss out the first chance for selling the home. Suppose the buyer’s answer is “no” after over-viewing the home, let them have a feeling of repetition  about the house which they cancelled up. Be careful enough to impress the buyer in one go and don’t let out the opportunity go for letting your home to sell. Best of luck for the sellers.



Waterfront Property

Choosing A Perfect Waterfront Property

Most of us want to live beside a lake or ocean, whether it’s only for vacation or an area to live in for good. However, selecting the situation of your home, whether it’s next to a lake or the massive ocean wants you to assume some phases. First, you want to imagine what your dream house is? Does one want a house that’s elegant adore trees or the woods? If you are doing, then assume lake homes because it offers you with those surroundings.

Most people obtain some homes in their lifetimes. And every time they need a far better understanding of what they need and what matters most. However shopping for a city district property are some things the general public does just once or twice in their life. Thus to assist – here are some things we suggest City area home patrons have faith in as they’re selecting their waterfront property.

What are Your Favorite Activities?

One of the good pleasure of owning a waterfront property is the straightforward access to summer water sports. What are your passions? What are the desires and likes of different family members? It’s vital to have faith in however you wish to use your property and therefore the lake, and the way the entire family goes to pay their time. Certainly, this can be the primary variable to think about once it involves deciding if you wish to get on a passable (gas motor boats permitted) or non-navigable lake.

Distance from Your other needs and Amenities

Most people need a waterfront property that’s in nature and far away from everything. However, you wish to raise yourself what different needs you’ve got. Does one have health issues? If thus, distance from hospitals or clinics are also crucial. Different standard units are accessed to food or looking, and distance to friends, restaurants, or community. No right answer suits everybody. You wish to raise yourself what’s most significant for you. Often, what’s vital to you will within the future even be valuable to future consumers, thus consider proximity with privacy once choosing that right spot!

Imagine Your Future

Hopefully, you may relish your waterfront property for many years – or maybe generations. Thus confine the mind that your needs and desires could be modified over time. Raise yourself if ten years down the road, if this property, house, and the site continues to be reaching to provide you with what you wish. Can equivalent individuals be mistreatment it in 10 years? Can you or your family have entirely different needs ten years from now? A touch, vision down the road will facilitate guarantee a period of enjoyment.

How often will You Be There?

If you’re not reaching to be there all the time, or solely reaching to be there now and again, you wish to have faith in whether or not there are maintenance problems with the property. Think about whether or not the property wants taking care of whereas you’re not there and who can do it. It can be a vital purpose to consider because it relates to regular maintenance and security. If you propose to return every weekend, then you’ll be able to keep a definitely in depth on the house on an everyday basis and maintain the grass, waterfront and therefore the home. If you visit less soft, we have a tendency to suggest having a neighbor or a caretaker swing by the property a minimum of once every week. An alarm is also a requirement in additional remote areas and has the alarm connected to a central station.

3 reasons you should love a waterfront property

The views

This one’s rather obvious; however, may you not love those spectacular views across the Broadlands landscape? Imagine awakening to the sun rising over the water, looking it set behind waving rushes and payment your days lounging beside a waterway looking the passing boats; even on the first miserable days of weather, the Broads are lovely.

The convenience

If you’re holidaying on the Broads, the possibilities are you’re hoping to require advantage of the water in a way – maybe you long to fish, have unreal concerning seafaring, or just would like to ramble on the water’s edge. Staying in an exceedingly city district property can assist you to grasp any such dreams.

Stay and play

There’s one thing rather charming concerning waving to boats from your vacation home’s garden, feeding ducks straight from your table and having the ability to relish the fantastic life whereas taking it straightforward.


house for sale on Lake Fenton
Lakefront Property

Tips on Buying Lakefront Property

People love to have a house of their own, but if they come with some extras like lakefront home then it would be dream come true. There are many things to consider, while buying the lakefront property. It becomes more important if you are going to buy the property which is in front of the lake. The view may be astonishing, but there are many things to consider while buying such properties.

Importance of Structure

It is important for the buyer to consider the structure of the house. Sometimes the house looks amazing and people fell in love with that. They usually doesn’t consider the structure of the house, the beauty of the house do the trick. People usually doesn’t consider structure and they will pay after they purchase the property. It is important to consider the structure of the property.

The structure should be strong enough to live for a long life. The buyer should need to buy the property which has a stronger structure than others.

Lake Size and Type

The most important thing to consider is the lake. There are different problems with different looks. It is really important, because the property which is in front of the lake is quite expensive. The different problems include the water in the lake. Sometimes the water is not good for swimming, so it is important to consider the water of the lake first. Then there should be some place to dive in the lake, if there isn’t any diving place, then there is no big advantage in buying such property.

The weather plays an important role in the buying of the property as well. The rain water could cause a problem for such property as well. The buyer needs to purchase property where weather conditions are stable and doesn’t cause harm to the property.

Property Insurance

The insurance of such property is really expensive. The insurance company demands more money for such property, it is important for the buyer to consider this fact as well. Everyone insures their property so the buyer need to consider this thing while buying the property. He might need to select the place where the insurance fee is relatively less than the other places. It is important to consider insurance while buying such property.

It is important for the person to consult with some insurance companies to know which place is suitable for him, where the insurance fee is relatively low.


Another important thing is the utilities. There are many places where aren’t all the utilities are available. It is important for the person to consider all the utilities which are available in the area. It is usually seen that such things aren’t available in such areas. The buyer need to talk to neighbors and other local persons to know everything about the area.

It is important to investigate on this matter because a person couldn’t live without any utilities or create a major problem for the buyer such as Gas.

Riparian Rights

All landowners whose properties adjoin a body of water have the right to make reasonable use of it as it flows through or over their properties. If there is not enough water to satisfy all users, allotments are generally fixed in proportion to frontage on the water source. In Michigan, the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) controls the water. When you buy a lakefront home, be sure you have Riparian Rights.

Fees to Pay Living on a Lake

This is often added to your property tax bill, but sometimes a homeowners association will collect it. Usually, it covers things like weed control and sometimes lake level, dam maintenance, (not all lakes have dams), association beach maintenance, and other costs. Depending on the lake size and other factors, the average is about $150 annually.

People need to collect all the possible information so that they could buy the best choice in best choice.


Find you dream lake house so you can enjoy lake living

Major Reasons Lake Living May be for You.

There are two sorts of individuals; ones that need to live on a lake and the second are the individuals who already do. In the event that you are pondering precisely why lake living is magnificent, then let this rundown influence you. It will make you wish your house was situated beside a tranquil lake.

Lake Fun

You won’t need to look for something to do, ever. Lake living has its advantages, and water exercises are certainly on the highest priority on the rundown. The lake will furnish you with a platform to appreciate fun or to enliven the best occasions yearly. Here is only a portion of the fun exercises you can do with having lake property:

  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Skiing
  • Tubing


There are studies backing the case that water is unwinding. Do you recall those days when you went by the lake, every one of those consoling emotions and how you felt so cheerful?

Lake living can give this regularly when you have lakefront property. In the wake of a prolonged day’s full of effort, returning home to see the tranquil and quiet visuals the lake offers in a split second unwinds the mortgage holder. Envision sitting on the porch and simply absorbing the sun peering at the quietness.


Homes that are situated in parts of the lake normally incorporate more detachment. You are further from or have untamed life obstructing your neighbors; this implies you have more security.

You likewise have developed trees and nature encompassing your home so it is a characteristically like a protection “fence” that offers protecting from streets, neighbors, and passer-byers.

Road Traffic

Traffic may be irritating, particularly when you live on a bustling street or close to a parkway. The movement commotions are noisy and in the event that you have animals or youngsters, it can be very perilous. Say farewell to every one of those semi-trucks, development vehicles, and open transports.

Untamed Life

Everything in life needs water to support it. You live on a lake, so those lovely and great creatures thrive by your home. You will see geese, ducks, deer and numerous different animals of nature.


You can have picnics, birthday parties and yearly summer gatherings. You can even set up an outdoor gathering that includes an overnight get-together where your visitors can swim, fish, and set up a blazing bonfire gathering to roast marshmallows.


Around lake homes, individuals tend to assemble extremely solid bonds with each other. You have a typical bond; the affection for the outside and lake life. It is to a great degree simple to become more acquainted with your neighbors when you share a great body of water. You will spend more time with each other on boats and water adventures. You will feel comfortable waving to everyone when you get your mail.

Living on the lake is an astounding way of life. It is not only a home area. You will love your group and everything a lake brings to the table. Living on a lake is a decision that is anything but difficult to make, and there is a lake to fit each craved way of life.