Proper Ways of Boat and Dock Maintenance for Your Place

Lakefront & Waterfront Nov 20, 2020
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Properly do Your Boat and Dock Maintenance for the Safety of the Water Environment

If you have a boat or dock at your waterfront property, you should not miss to maintain them properly. It is not just about keeping your boat and dock in good shape after all, but it should also keep the aquatic environment in the area free from harmful stuff. You do not want to damage the marine animals and plants in the lake where your property is located, thus you should always be careful with your boat and dock maintenance.

Right Way of Boat Maintenance

You should observe proper ways of cleaning or maintain your boats. This can help you to have quality maintenance for it while keeping the marine environment surrounding you away from harm.

  1. For starters, remember to clean or maintain your boat away from the lake or watershed. This is not to transfer your boat to another body of water to do the maintenance but to totally keep away from one. This is to avoid any debris falling on the lake, thus consider doing it in a car wash area. This can help you have easy access to a water waste drainage system. However, if you cannot go away from the body of water, use tarps to cover your space, and avoid using pressurized water to avoid pushing debris off the lake.
  2. Avoid using any toxic products when maintaining your boat. Remember to look for boat cleaning agents that do not have any toxic substances, have biodegradable properties, and you should dispose of them properly.
  3. You should not leave any excess materials from the boat maintenance. You can dispose of the stuff properly, or let other boaters use them up. However, you can always keep them up for future usage.

The Proper Dock Maintenance

After keeping your boat clean, you should also make sure that you will do your dock maintenance in the right way as well. For the same reason for keeping the marine environment safe from harm, you can take note of these points:

  1. Maintenance of your dock always starts upon its construction. Never use paints and other finishing on it. It is best to keep your dock have a natural appearance to avoid endangering the lake with toxic chemicals. However, if your dock already has some paints, make sure to be careful in cleaning it up and always use precautionary measures like tarps to keep debris from falling into the water.
  2. Using pressurized water is also a big no in cleaning your dock. It can wash some debris onto the water, which can disturb the marine life in it. You can simply grab a brush and some wires to achieve quality cleanliness for your dock.
  3. Avoid using chemicals to kill unwanted organisms on, under, and at the side of your dock. Keep the use of your brush, wires, and tarps to do the job.

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Aside from the things mentioned above, you should also not miss knowing about the laws and ordinances in your place regarding dock and boat maintenance. Some areas have special rules that you should follow, thus you should have enough info on them to avoid fines and penalties. Remember that it is your responsibility to keep the waters in the lake safe from any forms of harm. This could include any toxic substances like paint, soap, and some other debris that might fall into the water as you clean your boat or dock. Thus, it is best to be careful with your boat and dock maintenance, for you to keep the cleanliness and safety of the marine life under the wate


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