Your Lake House Value can be Increased with these tips

The first thing you want to do when selling a lake house, or any house really, is to make it inviting and desirable to potential buyers. Buyers need to feel that it is the perfect home as much as you want to make as much out of your sale as you can. There are many ways to do this both big and small. You can do anything and everything from simply cleaning the place to making renovations. Here are the best things to consider doing when wanting to increase the value of your home.

Keep it Clean:

This one is probably a no-brainer, but a clean house… is an attractive house. Nobody wants to see grime and mess in their potential new home. They will most likely think the place needs work, but just thinking it needs to be scrubbed down is a huge turnoff. Keeping a house clean also gives it that fresh and new feeling. This includes getting rid of clutter and making your house look as spacious as possible.

New Paint:

Speaking of new, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Remember to plug a hole with putty before painting and only use neutral colors- no hot pinks or dark colors. Neutral colors won’t only be more inviting to potential buyers but will allow more light in to make your house seem bigger and brighter. New Paint is a cheap, but very effective way to increase a home’s price.

Update fixtures:

Making sure all the light and water fixtures in your house are clean and new is a small fix that is more than worth it when you see how much better the house looks afterward. It not only gives the appearance of the home being new and up to date, but relieves the hassle of a new owner having to change out old broken, rusty, or otherwise outdated features.

Lights, lights, lights:

A dark place is generally not an inviting thing, especially when it comes to homes. Have plenty of good lighting around the house and you are sure to please anyone interested in the house. If you have otherwise fixed up and cleaned the home, this will also go to show off all your work.


Make sure those windows are clean! Even add windows if needed. Showing off the beautiful area where your lake home is is a definite and a major selling point.


Sinking money into a home you are looking to sell might not seem like a smart idea, however, it is. Simply updating appliances are making rooms bigger or even adding a Jacuzzi may cost you, but take that cost and raise it and that will be how much more you can add to the listed price of your house.

So in short, make your home look nice and a joy to work or retire in and you have risen the value of your home whether you decide to sell or not!

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