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You have fixed up your waterfront home, but no one is bidding and making offers. That is the problem, even when you have fixed your lake house up that is still not enough to get people to buy it.  Buyers for waterfront homes always still want to change something anyway. When selling waterfront property in Fenton and Linden Michigan you are selling a lifestyle.  These days you have to be an expert marketer, skilled negotiator, and an expert facilitator to be a top waterfront Realtor.

Great Waterfront Home Marketing Tips

Marketing is essential to selling anything these days. If you don’t market your product, chances are it is going to fail. One needs to be careful about how they proceed. Marketing is extremely tricky if you have no idea what you are doing and it can cost lots of money if it isn’t done the right way. Though, you can get an agent who can help you make your home more presentable. Here we will look at getting tips to attract a lot of bidders.

  • Creating a website is an essential part of people knowing about your home. The more people know the better. We live in a social networking world where it is crucial to have an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account. Even Pinterest is getting buzz these days. All of these social media platforms will help. Though that is not enough you need to also have a website. You don’t have to spend a lot of money getting a website designer to do it for you. You can use WordPress. It has free and paid accounts. The free accounts are sufficient enough for what you want to do, but if you want to create a more appealing looking website, there are plenty of website building sites online that are cheaper than WordPress’s paid accounts.  The problem with doing it on your own is you will have trouble making it rank on google.  Top Realtor Ed Constable ranks very high on Google for searches related to waterfront homes for sale which gets his homes listings extra exposure.
  • Get an agent who can manage your bidding wars. You can’t do everything by yourself, it is bound to become chaotic if you do. You need to get an agent who has experience managing bidding wars and that will help you a lot. While you are doing everything else they will be doing the hard work. Bidders are not the most friendly people in the world. The world of bidding can be cutthroat and you need someone who is calm and collected.
  • Open houses are a great way to attract people to your house. You will need an experienced agent to help you out with this one too. They will decorate the house. Make snacks to eat and find an appealing way to make the house inviting. While you are away, they approach every buyer and get to know them. They will find the right fit for you.
  • Make your house look welcoming. Buyers want to walk into a house that makes them feel at home. They want to envision themselves in the house and what they will do with it. If they can’t envision it, they won’t bid on it. You want as many options as possible and most buyers pick houses that feel like a home. A place with furniture and that is properly decorated will do the trick.
  • Deadlines are always the best. The best deal for sellers is to have two to three offers on their house. That way the seller can then schedule a final bid and find the right buyers for the house. Deadlines make sure that the seller attracts buyers who are serious about purchasing the house.

The Selling process can get complicated sometimes. Especially in the competitive seller’s market, we are currently in.  Look to hire an experienced realtor like Ed Constable to Market your homes properly and take you step by step through the process.

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