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Buying Waterfront Property

For many individuals buying a lakefront home is a dream come true. Whether or not it’s your weekend home or permanent residence, the thought of making a lifetime of memories on the water is exciting the say the least.  The thoughts of your own personal beach and hosting countless gatherings with family and friends is incredibly exciting. It’s simple to make impulsive decisions when bound up with this excitement. However, it’s necessary to recollect precisely what you’re searching for in your lakefront home. Follow this simple guide to help determine what you need and want out of a lake house.

Consider Locations

The ideal lakefront home would have the cleanest and clearest water a lake can offer.  It would also have several areas of undisturbed shoreline. This may feel like “worlds away” when you’re not actively shopping for a waterfront home but it is attainable. Regardless of where you or your loved ones are from in Michigan, lakefront homes should be easily accessible.  Most lake properties do come with a little give and take.  If you are looking in Fenton one of the most desirable lakes is Lake Fenton. It brings high sale prices because of its convenient location to all the amenities and it is the largest lake in Genesee County.  

If you don’t care about being super close to everything and you are still looking for a large chain of lakes Lobdell Lake would be a great option for you.  This chain of lakes includes Lobdell Lake, Bennett Lake, and Hoisington.  The chain is almost the same size as Lake Fenton but you receive a little bit more value in your purchase because of the location.

Get to know the Lake

Several factors may contribute to the atmosphere of your property.  Some questions you need to as are:  Where are the high traffic areas? Is there a docking facility nearby? How is the shoreline in different parts of the lake? Where do most people go swimming? Lakefront home property should offer an array of amenities – all designed to connect you to your family, friends, nature, and the lake.

It’s All About the Water

At the point when searching for the ideal lakefront home don’t forget the most important thing: The Lake! It might seem like a common scene, however, numerous individuals overlook that there are considerations you have to make with lakefront property. Flatter ground makes for shallower waters, ideal for swimming, great for kids and adults where more extreme shorelines normally mean deeper water. You also need to know if the lake is treated for seaweed.  If it is not are there parts of the lake that the seaweed grows up to the surface and in peak months making part of the lake not usable? Furthermore, buying a lakefront home is not at all like buying a home in the city, one must consider docks and seawalls, and the amount of lake frontage that the lot has.

Think Local and Know the Rules

In case you’re considering purchasing a lakefront home, we’d be neglectful not to advise you that there is a lot of incredible waterways right where you live!  In the Fenton area, we have great lakes like Lake Fenton, Silver Lake, Lake Ponemah, and in Linden, there are great lakes like Lobdell Lake, Squaw Lake, and Loon Lake.  Keep in mind to consider switching up your main living place to be on a lake year-round because everyone knows that living on the lake in the summer is fun but the winter is fun also. In the winter you can ice skate, snowmobile, ice fish and on Lake Fenton, The Moose Lodge hosts the Polar Plunge.

As one of our most valuable natural resources, it’s vital that lakefront home property owners take incredible consideration of the lake or stream where they live. As a rule, there are building statutes that ensure the water, furthermore, shield property owners from building excessively near the shore. In case you want to expand on a vacant parcel or to tear down a current home and revamp, a builder will have the capacity to walk you through the accurate rules of every lake and place you in contact with developers who specialize in lakefront building.

Choose an Ideal Lakefront home that fits your style

The possibilities for lakefront home fun are endless. Choose according to your personal style. Custom estate home or cozy luxury cabin? Are parks like trails footsteps away important? Would you like a marina and boat storage at your fingertips? How do you intend to use the lake for an ideal weekend? Are you looking for water activities? These are the kinds of questions you want to ask and answer before you start your search. If you have a wish and a dream of life on the lake give us a chance to help you make your dreams into reality. We’re specialists in the waterfront market. We can help you with achieving your dream. With our help, many individuals have purchased their ideal lakefront home.

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