Lake Fenton

Lake Fenton is located in Fenton, Michigan, and has Public Access. With a surface area 845 acres all sport Lake Fenton is considered as the largest lake in Genesee County. Lake Fenton is surrounded by beautiful neighborhoods that all have different histories and characters. Some of these neighborhoods have a cottage feel and others have a much more high-end feel.  Regardless of where you are at on the lake, you are strategically located close to town and part of the Lake Fenton School District. The deepest depth of the lake reaches a maximum depth of over 90 feet, which is used by many scuba divers. Anglers can expect an excellent population of largemouth bass, rock bass, smallmouth bass, panfish, black crappie, bluegill, northern pike, walleye, sunfish, and yellow perch in the Fenton fishing community.

Lake fenton
Aerial view from near the Public Access

Summer on Lake Fenton

While Lake Fenton has a bust and fun atmosphere during the hot summer, it also has quiet mornings and weekday nights that are the perfect pontoon boat cruise in the lake. When the Venetian Nights Festival kicks off in July, homeowners around Lake Fenton light up their boats and yards with fun themes related to lake living. Lake Fenton also features Case’s Island, a private island with 35 cottages that come up for sale occasionally. There is no road to this private island and can access by boat only.  Another great thing about this lake is the Moose Lodge.  They are open 7 days a week and boy do they have great fish and chips.  You can get the fish and chips every day but Friday is Fish Fry.  In the Winter they also host a Polar Plunge where all the proceeds go to the Special Olympics of Michigan.

Lake fenton view
View of Lake Fenton From Sonora Dr looking at the island

Lake Fenton is known not only as the crown jewel of the Fenton lake community for its large body of water, but also the wide array of beautiful waterfront homes. If you know about the economy of Michigan, you probably realize that it has done great over the past years. Real estate on Lake Fenton has recovered dramatically and old homes are being torn down and new homes built in their place.  Whether you are a buyer or seller this is an exciting market to be in. If you’re a home seller or home buyer, you should first understand the demand that there is for homes on this lake.  Just because the demand is high doesn’t mean people want to overpay. This is where a Realtor with experience selling on Lake Fenton comes into play, Ed Constable is a Realtor who both lives and sells homes on Lake Fenton, his real estate expertise can help answer all your questions about living on Lake Fenton. If you are searching for a Top Realtor near Lake Fenton, or Top Realtor in Fenton, reach out to Ed Constable.

Lake fenton
View of cases island

Moving to the Lake?

If you are among those who are planning to move to Lake Fenton can take advantage of the wide variety of housing options, Lake Fenton has a home for everyone. Whether you want a country or city house, a modern community or historic area, waterfront activities, you should be able to find what you really like on Lake Fenton. One of the best parts of life in Fenton is that wherever you turn, you will always find a lake. So that each night when you return home from a stressful day, it is simply like you are on vacation.

Lake Fenton Homes For Sale

Lake Fenton is gaining more popularity not only because of the good things it offers, but also its amazing homes for sale. If you are planning to move to Lake Fenton, you have the freedom to choose between the different waterfront homes in the market. If you are considering buying a home on the lake and have not been out on it before Ed Constable, Realtor would be happy to give you a tour of the lake on his pontoon boat.  If you want to take a tour on your own boat the lake does have public access on 2244 Grove Park Fenton, MI 48430.  They have room for about vehicles with trailers. Below you will find homes for sale on Lake Fenton.

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